Otto per mille

Orari delle riunioni

  • Martedì alle 19,30 Preghiera.
  • Giovedì alle 19,30 Studio Biblico.
  • Domenica alle 18,00 Culto.
Where we are

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Clicking on the map will open a Google Maps page where you will find all of Italy's churches and missionary ativities, by clicking on each church placemark you will also have information about their addresses, schedules and contacts. If you are interested in visiting one of our churches we invite you to have contact with the pastor of the nearest church. God bless you.


The address of our church:
Christian Evangelical Church A.o.G. Rome Olgiata
Via Paolo Ferrari, 50
00123 (RM)
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The church in Nepi:
Punto eVangelo
via del Concio, 43
01036, Nepi (VT)

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